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Understanding Your Life Formation

We all go through changes in our Life . Acknowledging and accepting these changes make a difference in the process. Understanding that you have a purpose! We are like butterfly's going through a metamorphosis. Fulfilling all you can throughout the duration of your Life from beginning to end.

One of the beginning processes for a butterfly is when it is a caterpillar, it needs to eat to grow. In humans knowledge is like food, you must gain it to grow. Next the butterfly becomes a pupa (which is stage of the cacoon)inside the caterpillar is changing. For humans this stage would be discovering who you are. Last step of butterly process is when it becomes this beautiful colorful butterfly ready to take off. In an human Life this would be the stage where you are balanced, understand who you are ( which represents colorful)

ready to go onto your journey pursuing your dream to Live and Love Life!

Life- Learn It, Live It, Love It

"Imagine That"

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